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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  October 27, 2014 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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jeans is outpouring of grief from friends and fraternity brothers. student killed by hit-and-run driver across the street from san jose state university. >> st 22-year-old the map was hity drunk driver 1:00 o'clock sunday morning. lillian is live at south 10th street nearest san antonio wh street with the latest. lillian. >> people have left flowers and candles here on the sidewalk justhort distance from where san jose state university student lamm found lying in the middle of the street. he was crossing the road right in front of his frarnity house. >> whether through his fraternity his classes or one of his cultural organizations,
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those who knew if him came together to remember him. 22-yr-old computer engineering major died at the hospital this afternoon. one day after he was hit by a suspected drunk driver while crossing the street in front of the delta fraternity house. rodriguez is president of the fraternity. >> i was sleeping i ran out of my rm when i heard ambulance and stuff like that. so ran out here. >>reporter: police say the driver is 22-year-old solomon freeze. they say he sped away from the scene th ran into his apartment after he craed that some parked cars near by. for his friends his sudden death comes as complete shock. lamm was only months away from graduating. >> we are supposed to graduate this upcoming is spring together and supposed to walk together. this is going to be kind of hard. walking without him. >>reporter: friend say lamm will be remembered as kind hearted genuine person who made others smile. in addition to his fraternityamm was active inhe vietnamese student association. alex says the
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last time he spoke to hi was last week. >> through facebook or sothing. i only wish i spent a little more time fv before before this week. >> regreand sorrow over the loss of the dear friend. this is abc 7 news. >> sheriff's depu in cupertino trying to figure out how th driver of gravel truck ran over teenager on the bicycle and didn't notice it. happened on the rupe tino tis morning. 15-year-old was on his way to class at near by mont vista high school. investigators say the truck driver kept going until witness flagged him down. he is cooperating with the investigation. >> some breaking news just moments ago fema and state office of emergenc services announce that homeowners property damaged in the napa earthquake will be elible for federal assistance. this is grit news for them. win,000
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property owners have been waiting for fema to determine if they wereligible for the money. tonight decision al applies to renter whose property were damaged in the quake on august 24th. young girl recovering after home tonight after jumping on trpoline then launching straight through a window saturday afternoon. it's story only on 7 news. 0-year-old miss grahamas at party at the 4 star gym academy in antioch when it happened. fality has 3 big trampoline as yo see there inside positioned a couple feet from the large windows. now bearded up and blocked off. >> i jump and flew the other way so i put my hand on my face so i could prect my face and i flew out the window. land on the ground. it was leak hurting a lot. >>reporter: fifth greater h deep gashes on her arms and leg that is require more than 100 stches. academy owner has not returned our callsor comment. >> several new developmts tonight open the ebola crisis.
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center for disease control issued new restrictions for those highest risk telling them to avoid cmmercial air travel or attending large public gathering even if they have no symptoms. u.s. army announce they will monitor soldiers returning from ebola stricken liberia for 21 days. nurse from maine who was in voluntarily quarantine in new jersey after rturning from humanitarian mission in sierra leone back at home night. she screens the qrantine as inhumane >> virginia has become the firs state to announce plans to remove a controversial highwaguard rail system that has been blamed for causing accidents and deaths. the abc 7 news i-team has been investigating the dangers of guard rails. many fractured by tripy industry. crash victims say the et plus malfunction when struck from the front. they allege the metal can spears straight through the car. virginia officials announce the decision today after trinity failed t meet deadline to conduct new
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crash test. >> well with just one game to good to win thworld series san francisco getting ready. here are some of the parade floats you are not supposed to see. we didn't want toinx the giants obviously but the floats a being prepared for victoryarade this week should the giants win. let's hope they do tonight the preparation under way for the big game watch party at city hall tomorrow. cornell is there live. cornell that place will be packed tomorrow. >> yes. no doubt dan. too soon to call this a victory party but fapts sure hope it will b take a look. stage seto broadcast the game on giant tv here at city hall plaza. city hall as back drop oking beautiful in orange tonight. mean team you won't believe how far some fans willing to go to show the giant pride. not a true giants fan until you ma it official with ink. tony is taking the plunge and get taking too honoring the team on s left forearm.
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>> i'm a die hard fan. walk around every day san francisco fa true to the heart. every day. >> lucky fans tattoo on mission has be running a special giants tat for 50 dollars during the series. the money giants tat for 50 dollars during the series. the money goes to charity. >> this weing party will come become to city hall tuesday to watch game 6 on this jumbotn taking shape at civic center plaza. thousands are expected. police sayo alcohol awill ayoued. extra officers will be on duty to make sure celebrations don't get out of hand like they did in 2012 when the giants beat the detroit tigers. victory riot ought vandalism and aest. bars like this one are gearing up for a whip and adding ext security at the door. >> when we win knock on wood the it will be crazy in here. >> nobody wants to talk victory parade yet. we fod giants
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victory parade float already under construction near pier 54. back at the tattoo shop tiny ink almost dry. >> win another one. bring it home. >> true fan who condion now prove it. >> in san francisco cornell abc 7 news. >> let's hope that's the lucky tattoo. >> game 6 tomorrow at kaufman stadium in kansas city. if necessary decisive game 7 wednesday. first pitch for beth games is 5:07 our time. >> giants left for the big gam this morning. tonight they are ready in kansas city. wayne is also in kansas city where he has been searching for pre-game party. >> is this kansas city or some scene from a stephen king nove novel? royals dead literally? figuratively or both? >> calm before the storm. >> emphasis on the word calm. we heard that the power and lit district is hopping. they say it hospitals. >> come back tomorrow and you will see a crowd.
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>> how big. >> probably for every inch of space here probably 2 people. >> tonightfor every person there's about an acre. in bars you can hear th background music. >> youbeat everybody here. you are about 12 hours early. >> got a theory? >> i think being royal is probably getting kind of expensive. so mbe they are takinga break. just one nature. >> everybody is. we figure we would find some san francisco giants fans hear but no. one other note despite turn out by kansas city fans they still think they are goi to win. they say this is a process. >> youave to get a little dirty to come t. like the shaw shankredremtion. climb through the pipe and come out on the other side that's what we are doing right now. i can't bet you by am certain. >> why can't you bet m >> because my becomeie would not like it.
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>> so said the fan rooting for a team on the brink. in a city taking a break. at least for tonight. from kansas city wayne abc 7 news. >> 7 news reporter wayne will be rporting leif from the world series. you can follow digital update from kansas city follow him on twitter and on facebook page. mike will also be reporting live from cans city. follow him on twitter and facebook. >> so much fun. >> yes it is. >> just great. >> still to co-what would you do if you found 120,000 dollars really happened. one bay area woman didnd why it was so important to her children. >> high techscare crew on alert at lax and cancelled international flight. the 5 words that caused the problem. >> i'm abc 7 news sand why ve doppler 7hd tracking hallowee storm. let you know if it's going to materialize into rain here in the bay area and dampen
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your plans coming up. >> thanks sand yeah. and the new tipping point. big dollar change coming to the bay area. >> 7 news at 11:00 will b change coming to the bay area. >> 7 news at 11:00 will b right back
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>> as he was here on abc 7 what would you do. 120,000ollars found in two bank bags. there they were. jus lying there in the middle of concord boevard near princeton court. person who stoppe and picked them up ppened to be an off duty chp officer on her way home. allen explains what sheid next. >> i open it just enough to see
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that it was leak 100 dollar bills. >>reporter: this off dutychp officer who disin the wanto be identified says she found more than 120,000 dollars stuffed into 2 bank bag lying in the middle of concord boulevard. >> i was like oh, my god. it didn't feel real. >>reporter: she says she struggle to pay the bis like most of us but she didn't hesitate to turn the moneyn. turns out man reported the loss claiming it was his life savings. after the proper screening concord police turned it over to him. >> my kids when i came home they are like mom. what were you thinking? >>reporter: but the chp officer who was raised by a single mother in south central l.a. says it was a moment to ach her children about integrity. >> there was no one on is street. after hi come back for whatever reason nobody would have known b that what determine a person integrity what d you do when nobody is looking. >>reporter: most peoplegree
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agreed. >> i would feel guilty if i ended up going on ari twith it or buying clothes. lways be a reminder of something that i know s bad. >> in the back of my mind i would always just want to do the right thing and probably just report it. >> chp officer has faith in her fellow man and believes most people would do what she did. in concord, abc 7 news. >> great story. listen to this 5 bay area restaurants ha announced plans to stop accepting tips from customers and institute 20 percent service fee. these restaurants are joining 3 east bay establishment with the new policy. restaurant owner say it's a preempve action against planned increases to the minimum wage. theylso want to even t lopsided restaurant wages. >> you go to europ you spend service line item in the prison of food and if we always though these a nice idea.
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gets ridf the awkward thing at the ed of the meal. >> policy something other restaurant owners also lking into. >> wi-fi hot spot causes major delay on flight from lax to london. all staed yesterday when passenger saw which tie hot spot called al qaeda3 terror network ld a plate attendant. plane held at the airport for 3 hours. ficials were unable to figure out which passenger named the network. but say no crime was actlly committed. the flighfinally left this afternoon >> less than 24 hours from now the san francisco giants could possibly have the third world series title in 5 years. fans young and old are showing the spirit. ♪ the old ball game ♪ . >> she's grit. 101-year-old
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madeline from palo altooesn't know the exact words to take me out to the ball game but giants heart is ithe right place. >> sure is. you get the gist. >> great fan. >> talk about the weather forecast. >> tt's right. sandhya is here with the latest. >> hi there. we have a storm coming our way but before we get to the storm, warm up is going to come up the next few days. live doppler 7hd rht now not seeing any clou or fog at this hour. view from the sutro tower cam are pretty much says it all. car outside. 58 in san francisco. mid 50's owen oakland. san carlos 57. an jose and a half moon bay and view fromhe emeryville camera youan clearly see across the bayer here. temperatures in some of the valley falling 51 santa rosa. already 49 napa. mid 50's concord livermore and view from the exploratorium ca are financial district. you see giants arrange there. look at the forecast. clear cool morning. warming trend in wednesday and looking wet for
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halloween so when you take a look at the pacific satellite picture this storm system here is going to stay well to the north of sows we'll head that the pacific northwest. the next system this is the storm that i'm watching. hall wasn't storm. it looks more like a winter sto than a fall one and en you take a look at the computer animation we talk about what is coming. friday morning is what we fast forward to. 5:00 a.m. marin county coast is starting to see some green here. rain chance starts to increase across the entire bay area around 8:00 a.m. so between 8nd 9 when the parades are going on at school, could be on the wet side. make sure off. rain switch over to showers for the evening hos. friday get away at 5:00 p.m. and right around the ti the trick or treatyers good out. more showers developing. this is very rough idea computer model we get closer closer give you much better idea. saturday morning thin start to clear out. there is going to be the possibility of snow ithe sierra nevada and whenou take a look here it's really travel
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friday saturday that could be impacted rain snow expected and we could see up to foot at the higher elevations. now the snowevel expected to drop between 4 and 5000 feet saturday morning so ifou are heading to tahoe there could be some accumulating snow did you know to the tahoe area keep tonight mine. tomorrow morning all you need is jacket or sweat tore keep you warm because it is going to start out on the cool side. 43 nap.44 santa rosa. 49 in livermore. many other areas right arou the bay coast in the 50's. pretty clear conditions and then for the afternoon it's sunshine and warmer weather than today. 6 in san francisco. 72 oak land 75 santa rosa. 77 in livermor livermore. san jose 74. 67 in half man bay. we take a look at the giants focast. weather looks terrific for kansas city game 6 to world series against theoyals. it's chilly but clear. low to mid 50's tomorrow night with light wednesy accu-weather 7 day forecast. we are looking
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at the warmest weather of the next 7 days on wednesday. a littleooler thursday t.looking like halloween rain cooler conditions friday little ones need to bundled up and make sure they have the umbrella with them. don't forget this weekend we do the end day lighted saving time sunday morning we fall back one hour and all i think about i that extra hour of sleep. >> can't wt. >> thank you sand why. >> all right larry sports director is off. collin is here. >> geared up for the giants tomorrow. >> we'll probably need the extra hour of sleep. from all the partying that will happen starting tomorrow night. l rematch from game 2 can jake get the better of donald tomorrow night. hear from jake get the better of donald tomorrow night. hear from jake next in sports. nds]
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>> forget the fact the giants failed to cle-out 3-2 world seri lead in 2002 and bruce a exploratorium is 2 a o in world series close-out games. bruce saying it'sall hands on deck time so madison could be reli noption game 6 more likely potential game 7. jak on the hill tomorrow night with shot at redemption. he took the floss game two in kansas city. th's where if mike is looking ahead to tuesday night. fight jaipts tuningp for the final time before game 6 tomorrow hear at kauan stadium ready to clinch t third world series in the last 5 yrs. >> this is a start you play the whole career wanting. hard to get away from that fact. l trade to talk me into swapping. but wins you get thrghout the game its fits the gill of baseball. you have to find a way to win a baseball gam. we
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played the same in july as we my now. >> go by th same which as you always do. sense of you rememberenituation because the if royals comeut battle. get caught up in the moment. >> post season has been a gd experience for us. we have been in a situation before and we know that like whave a lot of work to do. great team over there play hard tomorrow. >> i have a real strong sense in my het that we are going to be in game 7 but i can't worry about gym 7. i have to did everythi i can to win game 6 to get to 7. >> thanks. still to kilometer nobody bigger under dog than nfl. how did washington with friender cast away pull off the upset. that's
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the. >> 6 and 1 but franchise quarterbacin looker room with back injury. do you let him come back. dilemma facing cowboy coach on monday night football. 2 and 5 washing ton team. tony cked fourth time. direct hit to the back that had he surgery on ovethe off season. stayed down for awhile. knee to the back from robinson. went to the locker ramp. fans and owner jones all concerned. in comes brandon former cleveland bro and played great. this touch down to a wide open gist on whitt. 25 yards game tied at7. same score 3 minutes left in the game. ty telling team doctors i'm fine let me go back. able to go back and goes to over time. great pass and catch by reid. led to field
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goal they have to answer for 3. mccoy back one frainers last year he ladies to an upset. 7 sports brought to you by ebay. >> pretty good game. >> that was a good game. >> thankou collin. >> back in just a mo


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